Testimonies of women having been accompanied by the
APPA method:


Jana: "The delivery of my first child lasted over 12 hours. The pain between contractions was pure hell. Despite the epidural anaesthesia I was still in great pain. I felt a huge weakness in my whole body so that the contractions stopped. So I was given an infusion to reactivate the contractions. When the expulsion contractions started, I had no strength to push. The midwife used Wood's manoeuvre so brutally that for weeks after the birth I suffered from bowel and bladder incontinence. In additionm my baby had the umbilical cord around his neck and with each contraction the cord tightened a little more. Finally after 12 hours of torture my son was born.

With the help of the specific instructions that are part of the APPA method to prepare birth, my second son's birth was completely different. When I felt birth coming on, I turned very calm, the contractions were getting faster but the pain was absolutely bearable. My husband took me to the clinic where I had a relaxing bath and talked to my baby and he told me that he was ready to be born. The birth lasted only 2 hours, an epidural was not necessary, the pain was tolerable. Thanks to the mental contact with my baby during the birth procedure - which I had practised according to the instructions given - this time birth was an act of joy, calmness and serenity.

Sabrina: "Birth went very well. The obstetric interventions were minimal. There were only 2 hours between the first contractions and the birth of the baby. The little lady is very alert and attentive. The mental birth preparation made me live through a totally different experience than at the end of my first pregnancy. It had a conciliatory and healing effect."
Anne: "As I was told, I explained to my baby through the inner dialogue that I regretted having had such negative thoughts just after conception when I was pondering about a possible abortion. I deeply apologised to my baby and told him that his dad and I were so very happy about him! And you won't believe this, my son sent me the picture of a white dove and I immediately understood he had sent me a dove of peace as a sign that he had forgiven me!
(Anne returned from deep relaxation with tears in her eyes)
Annette: "The beginning of my pregnancy was a nightmare for me and I could not imagine that I would be able to love this little being in my belly, on the contrary!  The APPA method worked a miracle and I am now sure that I will be a very good mother to my daughter! The APPA method also helped me to stop being afraid of childbirth. The fact that my baby and I were in mental contact throughout the birthing process made me forget about the pain, as I was so focused on the contractions and the instructions I was giving my baby to better pass through the birth canal.
Lea: "I was really not happy about having twins, especially because of the delivery procedure. My eldest daughter's delivery had already been a horror and I needed a lot of time to get over it. I have a friend who gave birth to twins and she told me that the gynaecologist insisted on a caesarean section, which I wanted to avoid at all costs.  Thanks to the instructions I received and which I passed on to my babies with this wonderful inner dialogue, my babies and I could really have a natural birth. There was no question of a caesarean section being necessary, as the birth process went very smoothly and without any complications.
Susanne: "My husband and I were sure that we were expecting a boy. We both took part in an A.P.P.A. session together and in that very deep relaxation state, when the exchange of images or words between us and our baby become possible we asked our baby if he was a boy. I received images of myself as a little girl and my husband received images of his friends' babies who were all girls. At that moment, we understood that the baby in my belly was a girl! Fortunately this inner dialogue took place in time otherwise this little being would have spent the pregnancy in fear of not being accepted as a girl!
Brigitte: I was expecting my third child, it was an unexpected and not much desired pregnancy.  My two previous pregnancies had gone very badly, both times I gave birth prematurely. My first son was born in the 27th week and my second son in the 28th week of pregnancy. Both of them had to stay in the hospital for more than 4 weeks. It was really terrible and I was very afraid that it would happen a third time.  During the sessions, I was given very special instructions to transmit to the baby in order to prevent premature delivery. During these sessions, we talked a lot about my relationships with my mother, my father and my husband. To my surprise, these dialogues led me to understand that I had unconsciously adopted my father's negative attitude towards my husband. I had always been my daddy's darling always his little princess, but even after I got married he kept looking after me and still spoiling me. As he was always very kind to me, I didn't dare reject his offers of help. This emotional dependence had almost led to a breaking up of my marriage and at the same time it had had a negative effect on my first two deliveries. I had to stop my father from being so helpful all the time, so I needed to learn how to set limits for him which was very hard for me at first.  It took me awhile to accept that whenever he was hurt by my rejection, it was his problem and no longer mine! The personal development I underwent had the extraordinary effect that my third son was born at full term, in the 40th week of pregnancy!
Sonja: Since the age of 17 I have been suffering from anorexia which in the long run had made me infertile. When I got married 10 years later I had to undergo hormone treatments to be able to conceive a child with the help of the reproduction medicine. I spent months and months swaying between hope and disappointment. Finally, all these treatments paid off and I got pregnant. But the pregnancy didn't suit me and the anorexia got worse and worse. Towards the end of the pregnancy I had to be hospitalised and artificially fed. I had lost so much weight that I didn't have the physical strength to give birth to my son and the birth was very traumatic, especially for my son.
Despite these tortures and painful experiences I wanted a second child at all costs.  So I went through the same procedures for the second time, hormone treatments and reproduction medicine. Again, after many months, I was pregnant again. A friend of mine had told me about the APPA method because she thought that this method could eventually help me to have a better pregnancy and easier delivery. The main topic during almost all the sessions was the origin and cause of my anorexia. I really went through an extraordinary development, self-understanding and self-reflection process.  I was getting better and better every month. The birth preparation helped me a lot and made me really relaxing when I had the first contractions. Within two hours my second son was born without complications, without any trauma.

 Testimonies of course participants


Gudrun, midwife: Learning the APPA method has opened up new horizons for me and has enormously enriched my professional activity as a midwife. And to my great pleasure I have noticed that more and more pregnant women are looking for midwives who have learnt this method. The course material is presented in a very understandable way and one does not need a degree in psychology to follow the explanations and instructions. The training course is very complex and compact, which makes it possible for us to start applying this method immediately after the end of the course
Andrea, midwife: After receiving several requests from pregnant women about prenatal support, my curiosity was aroused and I asked around. The women who had contacted me had discovered this new method A.P.P.A. that helps women to get into mental and emotional contact with their unborn babies. They were so enthusiastic that they absolutely wanted to be accompanied by this method. So I immediately enrolled in the training course which enabled me to meet the needs of my clients. The impact that this method has on pregnancy and birth process is truly extraordinary, especially with regard to the birth giving procedure through which neither mother nor baby are being traumatised.
Manilla, midwife: It was by chance that I discovered the training course to learn the APPA method. When I read the description of the course I knew that I would be fascinated by this training. And rightly so, especially since Christa is the only one to offer this unique training. My first client was a young woman who had become pregnant and did not want any children at all. I accompanied her for 6 months and in the end she was so happy to have a beautiful baby after an easy and uncomplicated birth. My second client was expecting her second child. The birth of her first child had been extremely traumatic. I accompanied her from the 22nd week of pregnancy onwards and when she gave birth no obstetric instruments needed to be used. I love working with that method!
Claudia, psychologist: There is still no comprehensive university courses to learn everything about prenatal psychology. And I was very surprised that this subject was presented in such an understandable way that the other participants, midwives, doulas, naturopaths, etc. could follow the given explanations easily. And what was especially important for me was the fact that the presentation of the main elements of prenatal psychology was sufficiently comprehensive that it really enriched my knowledge of general psychology.